1. A mini-review on oxysporone

Satyajit D. Sarker; Lutfun Nahar; Tauhidur Rahman Nurunnabi; S.M. Mahbubur Rahman; Md. Hossain Sohrab; Md. Morsaline Billah; Fyaz M. D. Ismail; George P. Sharples

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Spring 2017, , Pages 55-60

  Oxysporone, possessing a 4H-furo(2,3-b)pyran-2(3H)-one structure, is a fungal metabolite, first isolated from Fusarium oxysporum. Later, this compound was also reported from the fungal genera, Diplodia, Pestalotia and Pestalotiopsis. Oxysporone was patented as an antibiotic for the treatment of dysentery, ...  Read More

A mini-review on oxysporone